Apps development - Moonflower Technologies

We provide bespoke mobile applications

We offer our clients solutions adapted to their needs, we use different programming languages to provide endless possibilities for a project. We develop native apps, hybrid apps, cross-platform apps with HTML5 (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, PC…) and advanced tracking sensors tailored for mobile devices or other platforms.

Our professional team and latest technology make possible to develop our special, high quality apps. Our mobile applications have superb design and finish: adapted to the needs of the target public.

Some applications designed for our clients


We create mobile applications which offer a complete system of event management: applications, live questions to the speakers, user’s notifications, agenda (with alarm option), among many other contents. Applications include a real-time management dashboard with all the content received by the users. These applications use multiple language codes, so the app interface displays the language of the user’s device configuration.

Poll Voting

Live question system for conferences and presentations. This app allows attendees to answer questions in real time.

Games and competitions

We design games and competitions for your project in any device or platform.

Real Time

Through active data connection, we synchronize all the information in real time.


Native apps development customized for the different purveyors.


We love technology and we are always searching for innovation.


Our professional team has been working for more than ten years in this field.