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Augmented reality, 3D animation

Augmented reality means incorporating digital data and information in virtual format into a real context. This technology, which combines virtual and real elements, allows the user to interact with the virtual creations in real time. AR works in any device with a camera: this camera recognizes a previously defined image and then it displays 3D scenes as a part of that image. This 3D scenarios may take the format of a video, static images, or 3D characters who move and speak.

Multi-platform augmented reality has a wide variety of uses in advertisement, tourism, education, sales, marketing, and event fields, as it provides dynamism and interaction, attracting the public attention. We also offer our clients the possibility of combining augmented reality and Kinect, so the users can interact with the AR graphics through body movements. This creates a magic atmosphere in which graphics appear or disappear with a simple hand gesture.

R & D

We are constantly researching to find the most innovative technological solutions.


We design and implement interactive solutions so the user knows every detail of the project.


Our professional team has been working for more than ten years in this field.

Latest technology

We use the most powerful high tech systems.