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Carlos Merchán is developer and programmer in Moonflower Technologies. In his work, Carlos focuses on video game programming, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile apps. This interview tells us how the new ticket management app works.

Carlos, what is your job within Moonflower, exactly?

I am a programmer. I do a bit of everything: videogames, virtual and augmented reality, mobile apps, and other applications which need codes in the server. Whatever is needed.

What advantages can bring to an event an app of tickets management like the one developed by Moonflower?

We have accomplished to unify in a single app all the tickets which are sold at the different selling points (Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Ticketea…). We unify all that data and verify all the tickets sale process in our own data base.

And what are the advantages this app provides to the client?

The app can scan all the tickets the public or attendees bring with them, whatever the event is. The app also creates a data base file which allows to check who is in and when this person has entered the venue/event area. This is also a way of controlling which is the peak time of access or when the venue is more crowded, two items that allow to know when more staff is needed. Thus, with respect to event planning, those studies can be made.  Another characteristic is that the application controls, for example, when someone who has entered goes out, and this prevents tickets reusing, or how many people are accessing, so it works as an attendance monitoring device. The app also indicates the number of people that are in the venue at any moment.

How much time takes an app like this to be developed? Could you tell us something about the final result, for example its interface design?

An app of this kind could take around 4 weeks to be fully designed and programmed. We have finished it in a week and a half, record time. In principle, one professional full-time, as it was my case, can develop the app. Prior to the event, in a script –basically, a code- all tickets data are unified in a single database included in the server. Then, when a mobile scans the tickets, it connects with the server which makes all the verifications; all the new data are stored and the whole info goes back to the mobile. This mobile is therefore a device that shows all this process in a simplified way, after the server processes all requests.

The app interface is quite simple: one access and exit button to click on, so any person can easily understand and use it. Our goal when we design it firstly for Box, was that any member of the staff there could use it. After the scan, if a ticket is correct, the app shows an ok message and the access is allowed. In the exit, the app shows that everything is correct and that the person has left the venue.

What’s best of this app by Moonflower with respect to other apps available in the market?

Firstly, its price: there are other solutions in the market and they work fine, but their price is higher. Also, they need some complements such as a scan device, which price is around 1,000 euros. With our app, any mobile can accomplish the scan process. Secondly, it offers full control to manage all the tickets in one single app.

Which level of customization allows this app in order to apply it to a particular client or event?

Any kind. In the Retina event, for example, the icon was customized, and also the app starting presentation. Some of the buttons had the corporate color indicated by the client, too. Everything they wanted.

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In less than 5 years it is estimated that the demand for wearable technology will increase exponentially due to demand, massive market growth and the ever increasing ease of which these devices can interact with our everyday lives but how does this affect the events sector?

Pulsera wearable - Wearables en eventos corporativos

Wearable technology is smart clothing worn on the body and wearable accessories worn around the wrist or other part of the body, that are able to connect via Bluetooth to a device with ease and provide useful information, ranging from heart rate monitoring, to RFID tags attached to clothing and used by parents to track their children.  Other applications and uses for wearable technologies are also on the increase and it is primarily this reason that the market is set to explode.

At events, wearable technology can not only provide useful with registering attendance at an event and participant identification during an event but can also provide us with other useful information, for example, relating to mapping of the environment in which the event is taking place, as well as with schedules, speakers biographies and all other kinds of information that attendees would need to know.

Specifically, for this purpose, wearable technology, such as bracelets have a QR code assigned to them which allows you to download the relevant app onto your mobile which can display a personalized message to the wearer.

Wearable bracelets for corporate events are extremely useful to recount attendees or increase their experience with, for example, notification that they have won a raffle by vibrating their wearable bracelet or alerting them through the illumination of an LED.

Smart clothing can also play a part at events too. For example, could you imagine a hat which identifies attendees by department at a congress or conference? Necklaces, rings, earrings, glasses… Different wearable accessories can all bring us many different experiences and ways to interact; messages, sounds, code, etc., to communicate changes or to located team members.

As is already the case with virtual reality glasses, participants at an event can increase their experience of an event by exploring a particular interesting experience and get as close to real life as possible using this technology.

With the release of many different brands of smart watch, there is no doubt that these will be the wearable technology of choice in 2016. The market growth in the sale of smart watches; partly brought on by the vast amounts of already available apps; is directly related to the creation and launch of new apps, almost daily. You can even create your own app for some smart watches. So it is clear that wearable technology is more than just a hype. It is a welcome answer from the continually evolving wearable technology industry to a calling by the corporate worlds and public and private companies of the present whose demand for new and innovative ideas to pique the interests of and engage their participants at leading, first-rate events will continue to grow.

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Sony, Facebook or Samsung only represent a few companies among those which decided to launch their own prototype of virtual reality glasses on the market. This post is written to tell you which are the most recent launching of virtual reality glasses and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each one. We will review the Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift, HTC Re Vive o Gear VR, recently launched by Samsung.

Project Morpheus

These glasses have been shown in the 2015 Game Developers Conference of San Francisco as virtual reality systems pretending to lead the gamer into a new immersion level. In the new version that will be launched in 2016, the screen will be 5.7 inches and 1920×1080 resolution. Moves are much more precise than in the latest version thanks to three LEDs allowing a 360 degrees view, on top of this, it’s design is now even more appreciable thanks to the strip that makes it easier to color and pressure less the face. One of its main disadvantages, is that the glasses are heavy and long to respond (although it is immediate with Oculus Rift).

Project Morpheus - Realidad Virtual


Oculus Rift

Last year, Facebook has bought Oculus Rift in the aim to boost the development of the virtual reality technology through all internet contents and in the hope to offer the Oculus to mass market. The reason why this dispositive exists is to provide a full immersion to the user. The field of view that Oculus Rift offers is aimed to complete the maximum visibility of the user, for him to feel like he is in real world. The big advantage of it is the resolution of 1920×1080, even though the goal of the company is to reach the 4K. There is no doubt that its disadvantage is that there is no 3D sound included in the system.

Oculus Rift - Realidad Virtual


HTC Re Vive

The HTC Re Vive glasses is another option that has been launched recently on the market. Those who tried it tell that the sensation of immersion is the most complete compared to the Oculus Re Vive and to the Samsung Gear VR. One of the main advantages that the glasses show is the ability to stop you and test the room you are in, increasing the presence and interactivity levels compared to other appliances.

Samsung Gear VR

On March, Samsung launched its Gear VR glasses. These virtual reality glasses are designed to experiment 3D video games and audiovisual contents linked to high performance phones. The company is now making crucial testing to find out apps and contents to justify its high price (249€). Visual experience is complete enough, thanks to its high resolution screen and sensors has been incorporated to avoid trembling images. Thus, the gamer will not only enjoy its favorite video game but also visualize the recorded contents of its phone as if it was in a cinema. It also includes an entertaining area with live music, extracts from various music shows and theatre acting.

Samsung Gear - Realidad Virtual



Project Morpheus Oculus Rift Gear VR HTC Re Vive
Lanzamiento Primer semestre 2016 ¿? Diciembre 2014 Finales 2015
Resolución 1920×1080 1920×1080 2560×1440 2400×2160
Ángulo de visión 90 º 110 º 96º 100º
Usos Entretenimiento, Videojuegos, Audiovisual Entretenimiento, Videojuegos, Audiovisual Entretenimiento, Videojuegos, Audiovisual

Entretenimiento, Videojuegos, Audiovisual


There is no doubt that we are facing a new way to consume entertaining and technology, virtual reality is entering in our lives in various ways and forms. Although this great evolution of these appliances last year, there is a lot of doubts when talking about which one of these will triumph in the future, only time going on will tell us.

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Planet Play, is an animated 3D serial produced by Moonflower Technologies and is one of fourteen cinema and television projects that have been selected for “Focus on Spain” in Annecy Animation Festival 2015. Spain will be in the spotlight at the MIFA (International Animation Film Market) that will take place at the same time as the most important animation festival in the world, which also celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The organisers claim that the selection of these fourteen projects had been an arduous task, because they had received 46 proposals and all were of great quality. To mark the event, the organisers will publish a catalog of all the submitted Spanish proposals in the Festival of Annecy and the MIFA market, which will also be distributed to the 7.000 accredited guests in a welcome pack that each will receive.

This animation serial was submitted in September 2014 at the Toulouse Cartoon Forum, which is aimed at children between 6 and 12 years old. The story is about the adventures of an 8 year old child and his friends called Play. They are living on a technologically advanced planet where they race against time to find and rescue as many “botcards”, (robotics cards with multiple functions) before another villain, who wants to use the botcards for ulterior and evil purposes,  can find them.

With news like this, there is no doubt that the Spanish animation market is one of the best, with plenty to offer the International market. Moonflower Technologies would like to wish the very best of luck to the 14 Spanish projects that will participate in this festival of global reference for the animation industry.

Annecy 2014 in numbers

  • 7.000 accredited professionals from 80 different countries
  • 513 showcases
  • 334 potentials buyers, distributors and investors
  • 300 journalists
  • 236 films
  • More than 500 projected films
  • 115.000 tickets sold during the week
Animation Serie Planet Play - Moonflower Blog


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Planet Play, the 3D animation series developed by Moonflower Technologies, has been preselected by the Spanish network TVE for the 2015 call for co-producing animation series.

TVE’s search process for co-production projects began in October 2014. Since then, an audiovisual committee set up by the public network has chosen six projects, which are currently being studied in order to determine which ones they will be investing in as co-producers.

Moonflower Graphic’s project was selected for its quality, innovation and affinity with the network, but also according to financial criteria: financial viability, commercial potential, both nationally and internationally, business plan and the investment recovery possibilities.

This pre-selection has been a turning point for Planet Play, a project two years in the making which has already been presented at major industry conventions, such as the Cartoon Forum 2014 in Toulouse and ANIMAT’E Barcelona 2014.

Augmented Reality, Conrad Hotels Room - Moonflower Blog


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Augmented reality incorporates 3D animation to real life, creating a hybrid reality that offers much more information than actual physical elements could ever provide.

All you need is a mobile device with an app that can “see” virtual reality and scan an items to bring up their information virtually.

This technology is incredibly versatile and can be used in all kinds of sectors, such as Marketing, Tourism and Architecture.

  • Augmented reality allows customers to interact with brands, creating a more exciting user experience — it’s no surprise that Marketing professionals have already jumped on the bandwagon. This creative street marketing campaign by Pepsi which brought augmented reality to the streets of London became wildly popular:

  • The media has found a true ally in augmented reality. It allows readers to interact with product ads in real time. But it’s not just for computers and other tech devices, augmented reality can also be used to enhance traditional print campaigns. Check out this campaign by Ford which combines print and mobile technology:

3) Augmented reality is also changing the world of tourism. With an augmented reality app and a cell phone, visitors can easily read information about what they’re looking at without having to carry bulky travel guides. Here is an augmented reality app which takes users on a trip back in time to the Berlin Wall.

Augmented reality is also being used by architects to preview finished 3D projects on floor plans. Here is a project Moonflower Technologies designed for the Conrad Algarve Hotel:

Events can benefit from augmented reality as well. It’s a fun resource with a wow factor which can be used to really enhance attendees’ experience. Here is an augmented reality project Moonflower Technologies developed for a Phonak event:

We hope this post gave you a better understanding of how augmented reality works and just how versatile it can be. The great thing is that this technology is still in its early days – we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Augmented Reality, 3D app for Barceló Montecastillo - Moonflower Blog


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Next, Many Colors Group’s graphic design company, has designed the Barceló Montecastillo Golf & Sport Resort Hotel’s new website. Along with a new design, the website offers visitors an interesting augmented reality app by Moonflower Technologies. This project is one more example of the synergy among the group’s companies.

The application allows users to explore all the possible configurations for the conference rooms and other meeting and event spaces in 3D on a smartphone or tablet. Users can download the marker and the app, which lets them experiment with the layout possibilities on a map of the hotel. An innovative technology which will start popping up soon on websites and premium spaces catalogs similar to Barceló Montecastillo’s.



Augmented Reality, Conrad Hotels Room - Moonflower Blog


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During this year, Moonflower Technologies has been requested plenty of Augmented Reality projects by national and international brands. Depending on the visual area, it can be distinguished two types of AR applications: on devices and in real-time.

Augmented Reality on devices uses an APP installed in either Smartphones or Tablets, as well as a camera option, so virtual productions are integrated with real images.

Augmented Reality in real-time is used mainly for events, product launches or shows; and allows users to join a virtual element in a space in real-time. The result is shown on a screen.

In both cases, their different uses for advertisement, marketing, events and shows, are a current trend. Recently, the studio has been shortlisted for ETA Awards (Event Technology Awards) for their Augmented Reality application used for a new live awards ceremony.


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Moonflower Technologies, the animation studio member of Many Colors Group, showed part of its work at EBE 2014, the social web meeting in Spain, hosted between 14th to 16th November in Seville.

Attendees who visited the group’s stand enjoyed the Virtual Reality using the Oculus Rift DK2, which made a total immersion feeling. During EBE14 different examples of 3D environment were made for this occasion. Video games in which users were able to drive a car sharing the same virtual environment, so both users could interact between themselves.

In addition to EBE14, Moonflower Technologies has shown its work in other events. For instance, it is taking part of EIBTM Innovation Zone, the global meeting and event expo, hosted between 18th and 20thNovember in Barcelona.

This being said, the animation studio, whose headquarters are in Seville, develops more than Virtual Reality applications. It also works with Augmented Reality, a kind of technology that uses data and any piece of information made digitally into a real environment. At Moonflower’s web there are some samples of some projects using this type of technology.

Furthermore, Moonflower Technologies is a qualified company for APPs and video games development. In their portfolio, you can discover the great number of applications and video games made, which can be adapted to any kind of smartphones and tablets, both for iOS and Android.

The studio also deals with 3D and 2D animation, design and special effects production, motion graphic and character and digital content animation. Currently, Moonflower studio is dealing with Planet Play project, a transmedia child entertainment concept that includes 3D animation series, video game for tablets and smartphones, and merchandise of this television series. After visiting some festivals and international trade shows, the project is at preproduction stage.

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Phonak, the Swiss worldwide hearing system company, requested to Moonflower Technologies a project based on using Virtual Reality and Oculus DK2 glasses, the latest version of the famous Oculus Rift. The challenge was all 24 attendees interact among themselves.

The glasses, as well as the headphones, guided the users to the Phonak Virtual Museum, a 3D space where a virtual avatar explained the audition differences on diverse situations as well as the changes whether or not using Phonak items. Inside this virtual space, the user could change both sight and audition perspective thanks to their head movements. The stereo sound showed Phonak’s items sound quality, depending on the user’s position inside the visual environment.




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