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Tickets sale and scan management with a single app - Moonflower Blog

Carlos Merchán is developer and programmer in Moonflower Technologies. In his work, Carlos focuses on video game programming, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile apps. This interview tells us how the new ticket management app works.

Carlos, what is your job within Moonflower, exactly?

I am a programmer. I do a bit of everything: videogames, virtual and augmented reality, mobile apps, and other applications which need codes in the server. Whatever is needed.

What advantages can bring to an event an app of tickets management like the one developed by Moonflower?

We have accomplished to unify in a single app all the tickets which are sold at the different selling points (Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Ticketea…). We unify all that data and verify all the tickets sale process in our own data base.

And what are the advantages this app provides to the client?

The app can scan all the tickets the public or attendees bring with them, whatever the event is. The app also creates a data base file which allows to check who is in and when this person has entered the venue/event area. This is also a way of controlling which is the peak time of access or when the venue is more crowded, two items that allow to know when more staff is needed. Thus, with respect to event planning, those studies can be made.  Another characteristic is that the application controls, for example, when someone who has entered goes out, and this prevents tickets reusing, or how many people are accessing, so it works as an attendance monitoring device. The app also indicates the number of people that are in the venue at any moment.

How much time takes an app like this to be developed? Could you tell us something about the final result, for example its interface design?

An app of this kind could take around 4 weeks to be fully designed and programmed. We have finished it in a week and a half, record time. In principle, one professional full-time, as it was my case, can develop the app. Prior to the event, in a script –basically, a code- all tickets data are unified in a single database included in the server. Then, when a mobile scans the tickets, it connects with the server which makes all the verifications; all the new data are stored and the whole info goes back to the mobile. This mobile is therefore a device that shows all this process in a simplified way, after the server processes all requests.

The app interface is quite simple: one access and exit button to click on, so any person can easily understand and use it. Our goal when we design it firstly for Box, was that any member of the staff there could use it. After the scan, if a ticket is correct, the app shows an ok message and the access is allowed. In the exit, the app shows that everything is correct and that the person has left the venue.

What’s best of this app by Moonflower with respect to other apps available in the market?

Firstly, its price: there are other solutions in the market and they work fine, but their price is higher. Also, they need some complements such as a scan device, which price is around 1,000 euros. With our app, any mobile can accomplish the scan process. Secondly, it offers full control to manage all the tickets in one single app.

Which level of customization allows this app in order to apply it to a particular client or event?

Any kind. In the Retina event, for example, the icon was customized, and also the app starting presentation. Some of the buttons had the corporate color indicated by the client, too. Everything they wanted.

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