Videomapping - Moonflower Technologies

3D videomapping projections

Through videomapping techniques, animations or series of images are projected on objects and surfaces to create amazing and artistic effects based on the animation movements on the those facets. 3D mapping is the projection of animations on volumes, producing different effects which may be applied to storytelling or to spectacular visual shows.

We design your videomapping from the earliest stage, using your chosen images or creating them. After receiving your briefing, the first step is to decide where the visuals will be projected. Our mappings are accompanied by sound, a key element which empowers the emotions the images inspire.

Video mapping can take the observer to any place you can imagine. It is created with 3D programs and postproduction work and can be projected on any object, structure, or surface. Projections can also be placed on building facades highlighting their architecture, or on a stage supporting or substituting conventional lighting, and turning any show into an amazing event. This sort of realization surprises everyone and its possibilities are endless.


Concept and creation of multimedia design for made-to-measure projects.

Large format projections

Audiovisuals go huge with professional, high quality equipment.

Indoor and outdoor

Our video mapping projections can be seen in stages or walls and façades.

Brand experience

Brand activation and engagement turn into innovative experiences for the user thanks to our creations based on technology and performance.