Virtual Reality Gear - Moonflower Technologies

Immersive experiences with virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality gear lets the user explore all the possibilities of an immersive experience. In Moonflower Technologies we work with a variety of gear labels in order to adapt our gear design and contents to the client’s project and budget needs.

We create customized experiences based in your preferences, perfect for your company events, exhibitions or promotional showcases. Our professional team has a wide experience in this sector. Thanks to our R&D department we can offer always the latest technology in virtual reality.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift gear simulates a full 3D vision with high quality depth and a different image for each eye. This device uses a personalized tracking technology which offers a 360-degree low-latency head tracking.

Samsung Gear VR

Virtual glasses Samsung Gear VR allows the user to enjoy a virtual reality experience that needs no connection to a computer. A very interesting solution when our phone has powerful graphics.

HTC Vive

These glasses guarantee a more natural experience when the user is moving around as they use sensors which mimic hand movements making possible object manipulation, precise interaction, and experiment full immersive atmosphere and communication.


We offer different types of virtual glasses built in cardboard or plastic which can be customized with the client corporative image. This option reduces the costs greatly when compared to other devices while enjoying disruptive virtual contents.

R & D

We are constantly researching to find the most innovative technological solutions.


We design and implement interactive solutions so the user knows every detail of the project.


Our professional team has been working for more than ten years in this field.

Latest technology

We use the most powerful high tech systems.